The insurance industry is entering a period of unprecedented disruption, borne upon a tide of changing customer expectations, rapid technological advancement and increased regulation… Join our Future of Insurance Survey to map out the changes sweeping the industry as well as your path to success.

Access to more granular data, combined with analytics, is enabling more accurate risk assessment and policy-pricing, greater personalisation of products and enhanced marketing engagement. We are seeing the emergence of usage-based and peer-to-peer insurance formats, driven among others by innovative new entrants like Trōv and Lemonade. Faced with these emerging realities, legacy insurance carriers are increasing their investment in Insurtech start-ups and accelerators – witness Liberty Mutual’s recent partnership with NY-based start-up Canary, which manufacturers smart devices for home security.

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Adapt or die: this is clear to most insurance industry players. But adaptation is something more easily said than done, particularly when the tendency is always to approach the problems of this decade with the toolbox of the last. Insurers need to establish an innovation culture and overcome their difficulties finding and hiring talent, in addition to stepping out beyond the constraints of legacy systems and operational silos. The battle for insurance has not yet reached fever pitch but insurers are already choosing their weapons – and it’s important for them to choose them carefully, as the right investments now could yield great dividends down the line.


So where exactly are insurers spending the most money in 2016? Where are they spending the most time? Where are human resources being concentrated? What sort of training and development is underway? There is great benefit in sharing this information across the industry… and this is what Insurance Nexus has set itself the task of facilitating. Our Future of Insurance Report promises to be the first of its kind – an “insurance map” comparing key industry trends both from function to function and from geography to geography. But first, a flavour of what to expect from our in-house team of experts:

  • What theme will define insurers’ efforts over the next 12 months? Insurance Nexus Top Pick: Customer Centricity
  • Analytics is all the rage at the minute. Which kind of analytics currently leads the pack? Insurance Nexus Top Pick: Predictive
  • IoT has the potential to transform insurance. Which insurance branch will benefit the most? Insurance Nexus Top Pick: Health
  • Where are insurers experiencing the greatest demand for service-provider assistance? Insurance Nexus Top Pick: Digital Innovation
  • Which insurance lines are host to the most innovation in product development? Insurance Nexus Top Pick: Auto

At the end of the day though, the answers are up to you – the industry. So please get involved: the survey is totally anonymous and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. In addition, all respondents will receive free access to our Learning Hub, an online portal featuring the latest and greatest Insurance Nexus whitepapers. We look forward to sharing the finished Future of Insurance Report with you later this year!

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